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  1. michaellevenson
    michaellevenson Doctor Omega
    The Blakes7 profile pics are growing in number. Cool!
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  2. ant-mac
    ant-mac Doctor Omega
    Dammit, what weighs seventy kilos?
  3. ant-mac
    ant-mac michaellevenson
    I have to get rid of Blake first. You're next on my list.
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  4. Hux
    Time traveller orders a pint then walks into a bar.
  5. michaellevenson
    My one regret is that they'll never know who killed them.
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  6. Carol
    Carol chainsaw_metal1
    Fireworks WHILST lawn-mowing could be a new extreme sport - I'll leave the details to you but look forward to a safe front seat for the inaugural...
    Not sure when I'll get round to a cream tea, but I will promise to raise a glass to you today during a (hopefully) full on Italian Sunday lunch - my best friend's coming to town and we head for the Bat Out of Hell musical tomorrow night!
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  7. Carol
    Carol chainsaw_metal1
    What ho! Young Metal - just passing through and thought I'd say hello and hope you had a splendid 4 July with all the trimmings....
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    2. chainsaw_metal1
      I did indeed. Fireworks and lawn mowing, I really party down! I hope things are well in Jolly old England, and you'll think of me when next you sit for cream tea.
      Jul 15, 2017
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  8. Carol
    Michael Bond RIP Thanks for Paddington
  9. Alex Vojacek
    Alex Vojacek
    Unregistered users can now chat as "guests". Enjoy.
  10. Alex Vojacek
    Alex Vojacek
    ant-mac is now our new shinny administrator. Expect more changes in the coming weeks !
  11. mplgmg
    Great movie fan who love Hollywood and Asian movies alort
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    2. Alex Vojacek
      Alex Vojacek
      Glad to have you onboard !
      Jun 21, 2017
    3. ant-mac
      G'day mplgmg, welcome to IMDF, mate.
      Jun 21, 2017
  12. Carol
    nil carborundum illegitemis
  13. michaellevenson
    michaellevenson Cloister56
    Yes I was Hawkman47 doing the Kolchak reviews. Am giving Twin Peaks a miss, might be back in future. Started with the Sages during The Prisoner (67) taking a break for now.
    1. Cloister56
      Ah that's where, I did go and check the TMDb stuff but wasn't sure. Well hope to see you back for the next show.
      Jun 10, 2017
  14. Cloister56
    Cloister56 michaellevenson
    I saw you posts on the 70's forum and your name seems really familiar but I can't quite place from where.
    The only places I can come up with are:
    iMDB boards, Were you ever part of the Sages of the Single Season group? They were going on the boards over there for ages.
    Doctor Who, especially sites like Outpost Gallifrey when it existed.
    Feel free to ignore this. Love the profile pic of the Federation Trooper.
  15. Alex Vojacek
    Alex Vojacek
    Sorry for the sporadical downtime. It's all fully functional again :)
  16. Hux
    The women at my gym complained about a hole in the shower wall. I'm looking into it.
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  17. Alex Vojacek
    Alex Vojacek
    Hurra ! 300 users !
  18. Alex Vojacek
    Alex Vojacek
    Donations are for further improving the site and making a new blog & website. Site will continue to operate regardless of contributions.
    1. High Plains Drifter
      High Plains Drifter
      So the forums will stay. we just get the added feature to blog about our boring life on here? What more features can be added as far as website goes?
      Apr 29, 2017
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  19. duzit
    duzit Alex Vojacek
    Do we get a star by our avatar if we donate? Is the site running into problems?
    1. Alex Vojacek
      Alex Vojacek
      Yes you do get a promotion. No the site is not into any sort of problems. The donation is not for mantaining the site but for expanding it into much more.
      Apr 28, 2017
  20. Alex Vojacek
    Alex Vojacek
    Donations are open to help further improve this site and expand it.